Quality Engineering

Total Quality Management

To successfully manage quality within a Regulatory Reporting platform , Atyeti has deployed a team at its Global Financial services client executing on its ”Shift Left” testing strategy. Atyeti’s team provides business domain expertise and defines the methods of validating numerous changing regulations, which in turn impact the underlying processes used to create accurate reports. There are numerous jurisdictions, multiple asset classes, and several reports, increasing complexity of the platform.

"Shift Left in the software development process leveraging Automation."


  • Build a high performing technology delivery team of QA/Domain SMEs and technologists to provide automation solutions.
  • Define target operating model, target state, and phased approach for the program by adopting agile delivery.
  • DevOps - Optimize program delivery with automation first approach, Front to Back environment blueprinting & engineering, and effective dependency management.
  • Build a metrics & reporting program for delivery and transformation – use the data to make key decisions to achieve the target state.
  • Drive Shift-Left into App Dev teams.

Automation First

  • Automation framework- agnostic of environment, application, regulation, jurisdiction and asset classes.
  • Cross leveraging of the automation platform and frameworks to drive efficiency that results in effort reduction to implement and adopt automation.
  • Zero retrospective automation and Continuous automated regression test execution of completed features.

Core Methodologies

  • TDD
  • BDD
  • Agile
  • Lean QA
  • Automation as a configuration
  • DSL- Domain Specific Language for Automation
  • Automation Framework as a Service


  • Zero PROD issues for covered business scenarios.
  • Zero/Minimum defect leakage into to UAT phase.
  • Reutilization of Test Artifacts & Framework.
  • Cross leveraging team expertise across different projects and build flexibility to address peaks across projects.