Total Quality Management

Helping organizations to adapt the new mindset of software testing and quality assurance to enable successful digital transformation.

Cloud Quality Assurance
BOT & AI Quality Assurance
Environment Management
Automated Testing
Service virtualization
Test data management
Security and Performance

Our Services

Atyeti Testing Center of Excellence delivers results by helping companies optimize application quality and performance.

Modern Quality Engineering and Assurance - COE

  • Support new technologies, run new functionality, bring products to market.
  • Discover and fix defects.
  • Best Practices -Standardized testing methodology, best practices, automation, metrics and tools.
  • Pool of available talent - Global delivery.
  • Flexibility in rapidly meeting the change in customer’s requirements.
  • Help build a culture of Quality.

Automation First Approach

  • Improved accuracy and coverage.
  • Our modern test automation platform compliments DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud-oriented automation.
  • We use specialized tools to execute test cases and generate results.
  • Save time, especially in regression testing.
  • Automated test scripts result in reusability- saving time and money.

Shift Left & Change Management

  • In the Agile world, reduce the time to deliver and improve the quality of each release.
  • Shift Leftwill lower the cost of testing & development by identifying defects earlier and push quality upstream.
  • Fail Early- Test Earlier, Test Often with ShiftLeft.