Data Science

Elevate and modernize your data capabilities. Our comprehensive data services are designed to unlock even decades of legacy systems and enhance your data’s value and utility.

  • Analytics and Modeling
  • Data Strategy and Roadmap
  • Validation and QA
  • Integration and Architecture
  • Security and Privacy
  • Migration and Transformation
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Visualization and Reporting

Featured Services

Atyeti is able to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured and unstructured data, and apply actionable insights. We help in collecting, organizing, protecting, and of storing data.

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Data Management

  • Achieve full transparency and governance across extensive, intricate data ingestion systems.
  • Gain control over the entirety of your data ecosystem, from pipeline creation to seamless discovery.
  • Strategically and securely transition from years or even decades of legacy systems, paving the way for a modernized data strategy.
  • Build for the future with scalable modular systems on a framework that allows you to easily adapt to the changing world.
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Business Intelligence

  • Start trusting your data teams’ reports with robust QA and demonstrable accuracy.
  • Increase the complexity and sophistication of insights using modern tools and techniques instead of just wrestling with data.
  • Gain the freedom to pivot and adapt with faster development times and low-latency systems.
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AI Powered Data

  • AI/ML is no longer just a goal of data, it is a tool FOR data.
  • Harness state of the art AI and ML capabilities to streamline your data pipelines, automate QA, ETL, and reconciliation.
  • Automate data mining and modeling, unlock new methods of storage and retrieval, and fully realize the value of your data.
Why join Atyeti?

AI&ML @ Atyeti

Leverage dynamic AI capabilities to efficiently transform and modernize your data infrastructure and application ecosystem. Our expertise lies in crafting, managing, and fine-tuning AI-driven solutions aimed at automating development and analytical workflows, consolidating knowledge and reasoning systems, and providing frictionless, on-demand access to your organization's intelligence.

Secure, Private LLM Development

  • Enable bespoke Large Language Models (LLM), or leverage opensource models, within the Enterprise.
  • Preserve data sovereignty and ensuring compliance with data custody and jurisdiction regulations.
  • Implement best practices in data encryption and privacy, compliance, and emerging AI regulations.

Automation and Modernization

  • Reduce size of analytics and development teams while bringing cycle time from quarters to minutes.
  • Transform static resources into dynamic, accessible intelligence facilitating rapid, ad-hoc insights.
  • Unify diverse data ecosystems to offer a centralized and diversified intelligence framework.

Conversational AI and Agents

  • Digital agents that offer instantaneous, context-aware responses, significantly enhancing user engagement.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, that evolve, learn, and adapt to user interactions.
  • Build conversational interfaces that seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes.

Case Studies