Data Science

It is reported that "while most organizations aspire to be data-driven, only 29 percent say their firms are good at translating the resulting analytics into measurable business outcomes."

Statistical Analysis Statistical Analysis
Forward compatible Forward compatible
Database Management Database Management
Business Insights Business Insights
Data Validation Data Validation
Data Quality Data Quality
Transparency Transparency

Our Services

Atyeti is able to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured and unstructured data, and apply actionable insights. We help in collecting, organizing, protecting, and of storing data.

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Full Spectrum Analytics

  • Analytics spans from simple validations on small bits of data to large scale, complex deep learning architectures handling multiple data types Database management, Data modeling and Visualization.
  • Analyzing raw data to make conclusions about information. Automating the the techniques and processes of data analytics.
  • Database management, Data modeling and Visualization.
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Data Management

  • Data comes in all forms, varying degrees of compromise, and any number of disparate sources.
  • Managing and understanding your data ecosystem can be a challenge.
  • Atyeti has extensive experience in unraveling layers of legacy systems and solving complex situations.
  • Big or small, real time or in batch, Atyeti designs and implements data strategies that match your needs.
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Business Intelligence

  • Data-centric’ is a promise, not a buzzword.
  • Atyeti combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure to make more data-driven decisions.
  • We can help unlock your data, ensure quality, automate handling, and to give you insights into your business.