Solving Complex Business Challenges

Business Process

Our teams work in all segments of financial services including investment banking-( front office, middle office and back office,) retail banking and wealth management. This allows us to apply tools to all aspects and processes of your business.

"Outsourcing of core information-related business activities"

Some Examples:

    Credit Risk

  • Atyeti team is providing Subject matter expertise to Credit Officers to understand and evaluate associated Risk and make relevant investment decision.
  • Supporting the Risk management Team in making effective and timely decisions by meeting Reporting deadlines- helping to make timely trading decisions.
  • Technology used : SQL database, Traders front end booking S/W, specialized tools to calculate VAR numbers.

Front Office Finance

  • Provided the Front Office team with an architectural solution to provide all downstream applications with Front office data.
  • Eliminate multiple Front to Back office reconciliation in the architecture - Atyeti team built a tool to facilitate this activity.
  • Atyeti associates experienced in Cash Equities for Front office sourcing (Single source of Data, FO-BO) helped build a normalized and repeatable data model. This included identifying and improving data quality controls, building processes and templates around data delivery, data governance and operational support etc.

Financial Regulation

  • Atyeti team is responsible for reports submitted to regulators in the G-20 jurisdiction.
  • Responsible for reconciliation of reporting data.
  • The solution provides an excellent picture of over- reporting, under-reporting and reporting errors. It helps in rectifying the reporting logic and avoid penalties from regulators and auditors.

International Wealth Management

  • Atyeti team supports IWM /Swiss Universal Banking entities with G20 and FINMA regulations - mandating Listed and OTC derivatives trades/valuations/positions/collateral to be reported to external repositories. within the project.
  • Built in-house reporting solution for meeting BCBS 239 regulatory obligation by identifying and documenting critical data elements, their lineage and their owners that are then used for reporting and aggregation purposes– so as to establish various controls on those critical data elements.