Application modernization

As the world accelerates toward a digital economy, our modernization capability helps you determine the right path to take to improve your current applications - or to replace them with entirely new ones.

Kubernetes Kubernetes
Microservices Microservices
Refactoring Refactoring
DevOps DevOps
Agile Agile
Cloud Migration Cloud Migration
Automated Testing Automated Testing
Replatforming Replatforming

Our Services

Atyeti offers a range of application modernization services that will help companies reap the most value from their existing systems and applications. We will help you move the entirety of your app to a new environment or containerize different parts of your app and orchestrate it all with Kubernetes.

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Data modernization

  • Build new applications, Re-build, re-platform, and re-imagine your apps and data.
  • Take advantage of modern web, data, and cloud platforms and technologies.
  • Microservices will be deployed to a new cloud environment.
  • Atyeti can provide you with options for modernization going forward.
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Migrate to the Cloud

  • Move your apps and data to the cloud, with both apps and infrastructure-based solutions.
  • This involves developing, containerizing, deploying, and configuring new components in a microservices ecosystem.
  • These microservice are put in containers, leveraging Docker and Kubernetes to orchestrate multiple containers.
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Life Cycle- DevOps

  • Atyeti can help you break down the barriers between your development and IT operations teams.
  • Deliver better software, faster, with higher quality and at a lower cost.
  • Our aim is to shorten the systems development life cycle.
  • Provide continuous delivery with high software quality.
  • DevOps is complementary.