Four Phased Approach


Are you looking to migrate out of your data center or to modernize your applications but have too many questions keeping you back? Take a look at our roadmap aimed at giving you the confidence to modernize.

"Take existing data and applications and rehost them in the cloud."

Phase One – Assessment

  • Assess the current state of your cloud implementation identify gaps and recommend a target state strategy.
  • Prioritize recommendations, define the administration of the cloud and target state cloud architecture.

Phase Two -Standardize

  • Standardize your cloud environment (Landing Zone design, define guardrail/governance policies, CI/CD workflows, etc.).
  • Define your network/security architecture & standards, SRE, tooling & image management approach. Define and begin to implement account/ financial management approach and related tools.

Phase Three - Automate

  • Automate your cloud environment (Landing Zones, Policies, IAM, DevSecOps, Tooling, etc.) Define key metrics, cloud operating model & cloud adoption program.
  • Establish Tiger Teams to assist development teams with migrations. Develop common migration patterns.

Phase Four - Transform

  • Transform your organization.Accelerate the migration of your applications to the cloud. 
  • Evangelize new standards, processes, procedures and tools working towards cultural adoption.  Advance your operating model and measure and report your cloud transformation success.